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          Merchandising & Marketing, Professional 设计ation

          Merchandising & Marketing, Professional 设计ation

          The Merchandising & Marketing Associate of Arts (A.A.) Professional 设计ation Program is an accelerated 45-unit merchandising degree program. Open to those who already hold a college degree or who have a minimum of 45 semester units (67 quarter units) of transferable academic coursework, the curriculum offers focused, intensive study in this specialized major and allows graduates to enter the job market with highly sought-after skills.

          学生s choose between two options:  Merchandising & Buying and 时尚营销.

          Merchandising & Buying




          The entire Merchandising & Buying option is also available 通过网络学习在线。 九州天下现金官网远程教育计划可能无法在某些国家提供。请确认与之前应用的招生顾问您的资格。

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